Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick facts about the blogger

My name is Hannah and I am a 26 year-old aspiring film producer. For the last 6 ½ years, I have lived in Los Angeles and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I have an east coast personality, having grown up in Maryland. I am the oldest of four children, six if you count my step-sisters, and I don’t know how to not be in charge.

My parents are divorced and are both happily remarried to amazing people who I love dearly. I can honestly say I have one of the craziest but most loving families in the world. We’re Jewish, so that pretty much explains the crazy part.

I have varied interests that range from a sick love of NHL hockey, specifically the Washington Capitals and adopted western conference favorite the Anaheim Ducks, to horseback riding and attempting to travel to all fifty states by the time I’m 30.I’ve been to 36 so far. If I spent the time to list all my other random fascinations, you would be reading for weeks. Just know that Princess Bride is my favorite film and no, I don’t have a favorite musician, but Billy Joel often rocks my socks.

For the last six years, I have worked in the film industry, starting at Madonna’s now-defunct Maverick Films, then interning at ICM Talent Agency, followed by getting my real break in the Paramount Story Department. After 2 ½ years there, I moved on to Robert Cort Productions where I was promoted to Creative Executive. Due to financial reasons, I was laid off and began an introspective journey to figure out where the film industry was headed and if I pictured myself going along for the ride.

After producing three spec commercials and continuing to work with writers, I decided that film is exactly the industry I want to be in, even if it is in complete flux right now. That eventually led me to pursue my MBA, which I will begin this fall at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

This blog will contain my observations of daily life as I attempt to weed through the next few years. First and foremost, I am a storyteller and I will always have the perspective of someone looking for the momentous feeling that little moments can often have. Thank you for going on this ride with me.

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