Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Apprentice Season 10--The recession era

Donald Trump, you might actually be doing something right for once. This recession has largely been about good, solid workers losing their jobs. Not just good workers, but sometimes, burgeoning success stories that never had a chance to blossom. Donald Trump has returned "The Apprentice" back into a show worth watching...or so I hope. His recession era theme is examining the brilliant minds that in any other economy would be successes. All the contestants have either been laid off or barely gotten off the ground for one reason or another. I am excited to watch this season. During my undergrad, I wrote a paper about season 1 of the Apprentice and how people studying business should watch this show. It has an amazing observational impact on how you should, and more often, should NOT do business. With Celebrity Apprentice, it definitely lost its business application somewhat, but now I believe it might be worth watching again.

In addition, it puts things in perspective. A recent conversation I had with a 2nd-year told me that our incoming class has far more real world, and extremely applicable, experiences than her class. Our knowledge base is brimming with talent that hasn't been fully realized. The recession played its part but using these resources, accepting that being in school does not mean we weren't on our road to success. I believe watching this season of the Apprentice might be a good lesson in sharpening our minds to what our competition is and what everyone is going through right now.

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