Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is "crazy" a trait you might want to have?

Hypomania- a mild form a mania, primarily characterized by an abnormal state of extreme excitement, great optimism, overactivity and reckless spending of money.

This condition has recently been linked quite extensively with success, specifically in entrepreneurs. Sparked by a recent New York Times article, I think it's important to examine this quality in ourselves, in myself, going forward. How can I capitalize on my crazy? As Graziadio increases the focus on the entrepreneur concentration, it is only natural to examine what would make our class of entrepreneurs more successful. And, it's possible, that it may be something you can barely examine on a b-school application. Largely influenced by psychiatrist and author John D. Gartner's work and book "The Hypomanic Edge," ongoing studies and articles could help you to examine if you have what it takes to be a successful other words, are you crazy enough?

New York Times Article: "Just Manic Enough" Article: "The Hypomanic Entrepreneur"

John D. Gartner's 2005-2006 Blog: " The Hypomanic Edge"

James Koch & James L. Fischer's Book & an article about it: "Born not Made: The Entrepreneurial Personality"

Tim Ferriss' Blog: "Harnessing Entrepreneurial Manic-Depression"

Entrepreneur Magazine: "Turn up the Crazy"

Entrepreneur Magazine: "New Blueprint for Successful VC Funding"

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  1. Hi Hannah

    Nice article. I read the yahoo story on this and it really makes you think how involved you have to get to really see an idea take off. A great read with regards to this subject is Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich." I love this book and there is so much I still need to learn from it. Also, here is a link to an article about lucky and unlucky people. I found it to be very true about these two types of people. Check it out if you already have note.